Tuesday, February 16, 2016

September 8, 1929: First Igorot Beauty Contest!

According to this picture found on line (from Facebook Group Memories of Old Manila), on September 8, 1929 the first Igorot beauty contest was held at old capitol of Mountain Province....The handwritten caption reads:

"The first Igorot beauty contest held at Bontoc (Capital of Old Mountain Province) September 8, 1929. They belong to different ethnic tribes of the Cordillera including the Bago people of the Ilocos Sur."

True or not about the the picture and the "first Igorot beauty contest" caption, it is true that Bagos are the hill tribe dwellers and original inhabitants in the border regions between Ilocos and Cordillera mountains different from their neighboring tribes and other adjacent ethnic groups whose ancestors are early inhabitants of the country prior to colonization.

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