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May 2–3, 1935: THE SAKDALISTA UPRISING- Forerunner of the MAKAPILI.

  from RA Rivera @rarivera9 

The Sakdalista uprising was a peasant rebellion in Central Luzon (Bulacan and Laguna) provinces on the night of May 2–3, 1935. Though quickly crushed, the revolt  warned of Filipino peasant frustration with the oppressive land tenancy situation which eventually paved the way for the emergence of the infamous Japanese collaborators/traitors MAKAPILI

Benigno Ramos,
The Sakdal (Tagalog: “Accuse”) movement was initially founded in 1930 by Benigno Ramos (1893-1946)  , a former government clerk. The sakdalistas hoisted a plain red flag and established a Republic and provisional government in San ildefonso, Bulacan  Province. Gaining as many as 20,000 members the group launched an attempted uprising in May 1935 but this was quickly crushed and Ramos went into exile in JapanIn May 12 , 1935 the Republic and his government ceased to exist.  

Ramos then started another political movement as leader of the Ganap Party  which contested the 1941 elections devoted to the full independence of the Philippines from U.S.A.. During the Japanese occupation Ganap became part of the governing coalition Kapisanan ng Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas (KALIBAPIAssociation for Service to the New Philippines)KALIBAPI, was a Filipino political party that served as the sole party of state during the Japanese occupation intended to be a Filipino version of Japan's governing Taisei Yokusankai party. Ramos eventually formed the Makabayang Katipunan ng Ligang Pilipino (MAKAPILI), a militant youth movement that aimed to provide soldiers for Japan and to limit the power of José Paciano Laurel y García, (March 9, 1891 – November 6, 1959) who was the president of the Second Philippine Republic, a Japanese puppet state during World War II

from Philippine history at dawn

The followers of Ramos and his ally Artemio Ricarte were eventually armed by the Japanese in December 1944 by the time the Americans had already landed. 

Filipino guerrillas guard pro-Japanese Makapilis, Luzon, 1945- "Makapilis were armed and fighting against U.S. forces who killed and tortured many Filipinos. Many gave themselves up while some were rounded up by U.S. and Filipino patrols in the hills of north Pagsanjan, Luzon, Philippine Islands. They were all gathered in the town square for questioning."
Accounts differ on what happened to Ramos after the fall of the Philippines. Some claim that he was killed in an airplane crash in Baguio along with the retreating Japanese 

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