Monday, May 2, 2016

1890s: Bullfighting in Manila!

Bullfighting in Manila in the 1890s.
There was Bullfighting in Manila in the 1890s and the bull ring was located in Paco district. An American writer who was in the Philippines in 1898-99, Joseph L. Stickney, described the state of the sport in the country: "Neither Spanish bull-fighters nor Spanish bulls are brought to the island, so that native talent has to be obtained to play both roles. The bulls are timid and lazy, the bull-fighters are little better, so that the traveler does not see bullfighting of the same sort that he would in Spain, Cuba or Mexico." 

During the 1953 Manila International Fair, bullfighting made a brief comeback. The event was held at the sunken gardens outside Intramuros and featured bulls and matadors from Spain.

Although it was a big hit, the bloody sports failed to return in 1999 after a group rallied to block its comeback.

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