Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 14, 1900: Battle of Agusan Hill

BATTLE OF AGUSAN HILL, MAY 14, 1900.  Capt. Walter B. Elliott, CO of Company I, 40th Infantry Regiment USV,  with 80 men proceeded to the village of Agusan, about 16 kilometers west of Cagayan de Misamis town proper, to dislodge about 500 guerillas who were entrenched on a hill with 200 rifles and shotguns.

Filipino guerilla weapons captured at Agusan circa 1900-1901

The attack was successful; 2 Americans were killed and 3 wounded; the Filipinos suffered 38 killed, including their commander, Capt. Vicente Roa. The Americans also captured 35 Remington rifles.
Capitan Vicente Roa 

As his men lay dead around him, he was given an offer to surrender, but he refused. Finally subdued, the Americans bayoneted him to his death, and had him decapitated, snatching the medals on his breast as a memento of that brave soldier. On top of Agusan Hill lay dead a great number of Filipino patriots who shed their love for Philippine freedom. The event came to be known as the Battle of Agusan Hill. It was the second battle of the Philippine-American War in Cagayan de Misamis.


  1. My Lolo, the late Apolinario Talatala was one of the survivors of that battle.

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