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May 15 OR 18, 2006: Who was the first Filipino who reached Mount Everest summit?

'National' climber Leo Oracion, planting Philippines' flag on top of Muztagh Ata
Image courtesy of Philippines Mt. Everest expedition
On May 18, 2006 - Mountaineer Leo Oracion reached the summit of Mount Everest via the Nepalese side, becoming the first Filipino to do so, although another mountaineer, Dale Abenojar claimed that he reached the summit first via the Tibetan side, on May 15.

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Dave Abenojar on Everest in 2006
Oración is the 2,740th Everest summiteer. In contrast, Dale Abenojar is the 2,614th Everest summiteer. Both Abenojar and Oracion are in the full list of the 3,050 successful ascents of Mount Everest from 1953 to 2006.[6]

 from italysoft.com
To add further to the confusion....

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Government of Nepal had awarded Leo a summit certificate making his Mount Everest South Col summit ascent on May 17, 2006. In contrast, Abenojar was certified by the China Tibet Mountaineering Association (CTMA) to have summitted Everest via the North Col on May 15, 2006 at 10:45 AM Beijing time, or 8:45 AM Nepal time.

The Himalayan DataBase published by American Alpine Club had included Leo in the list of Everest South summitteers for 2006 on May 17,officially recognizing him as the 2nd Filipino on top Mount Everest. The same Everest DataBase had included Dale in the list of Everest North summitteers for Spring 2006 on May 15,officially recognizing him as the 1st Filipino on top Mount Everest.

So....who is now the REAL Filipino KING of Everest...Leo Oracion OR Dale Abenojar? 

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